Felony Offenses in the Texas Penal Code

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Texas Penal Code

Selected Felony Offenses in the Texas Penal Code

Texas law contains more than a thousand crimes, scattered throughout dozens of codes.

  • Felonies are crimes that can be punished by a year or more in prison.

  • Misdemeanors are crimes that can be punished by up to a year in county jail.

All Texas laws are available on the Official Website of the Texas Legislature. This webpage focuses on felony-level offenses found in the Texas Penal Code. Crimes found in the Penal Code are the "traditional" ones--assault, theft, etc. However, nearly every section of Texas law defines criminal acts. For more information about non-penal code felony offenses, see our webpage on Texas Statutes & Crimes.

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Felony Offenses in the Texas Penal Code

     Title 4 - Inchoate Offenses

Chapter 15 - Preparatory Offenses

Chapter 16 - Criminal Instruments, Interception of Wire or Oral Communication, and Installation of Tracking Device

     Title 5 - Offenses Against the Person

Chapter 19 - Homicide

Chapter 20 - Kidnapping and Unlawful Restraint

Chapter 20A - Trafficking of Persons

Chapter 21 - Sexual Offenses

Chapter 22 - Assaultive Offenses

     Title 6 - Offenses Against the Family

Chapter 25 - Offenses against the Family

     Title 7 - Offenses Against Property

Chapter 28 - Arson, Criminal Mischief, and Other Property Damage or Destruction

Chapter 29 - Robbery

Chapter 30 - Burglary and Criminal Trespass

Chapter 31 - Theft

Chapter 32 - Fraud

Chapter 33 - Computer Crimes

Chapter 33A - Telecommunications Crimes

Chapter 34 - Money Laundering

Chapter 35 - Insurance Fraud

     Title 8 - Offenses Against Public Administration

Chapter 36 - Bribery and Corrupt Influence

Chapter 37 - Perjury and Other Falsification

Chapter 38 - Obstructing Governmental Operation

Chapter 39 - Abuse of Office

     Title 9 - Offenses Against Public Order and Decency

Chapter 42 - Disorderly Conduct and Related Offenses

Chapter 43 - Public Indecency

     Title 10 - Offenses Against Public Health, Safety, and Morals

Chapter 46 - Weapons

Chapter 47 - Gambling

Chapter 48 - Conduct Affecting Public Health

Chapter 49 - Intoxication and Alcoholic Beverage Offenses

     Title 11 - Organized Crime

Title 11 - Organized Crime; Chapter 71 - Organized Crime